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  1. - No, MinerBox is NOT FOR MINING. You should have already configured mining hardware (GPU, ASICS, CPU..) for some supported mining pool which is listed in app. After you can use MinerBox monitoring app for easy control and receiving account events alerts. 
  2. - No. You should pass mining pool registration procedure first and then insert neccesary data into MinerBox app  for tracking mining process.
  3. -Yes. You are inserting read only data so all stuff are safe without any compromise.
  4. -The registration is needed for support user multi device usage and keep account configuration without tie to any device. You can insert any not existing email but in case password loss account recovering  will be impossible.
  5. - Yes, basic functionality not requre it. Subscription is allow to use some extra functionality and in the same time allow our team to develop app with covering servers cost.
  6. - MinerBox is using mining pools API`s to fetch the data.