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Upcoming Features


The application main functionality is free but for extra features 2 type of subscription are provided

  • Standard (monthly and yearly) limited with 4 account full tracking with notifications and affiliated stuff
  • Premium (monthly and yearly) allows to track up to 10 accounts with notifications and affiliated stuff

Both subscription plans have free trial possibility before actual purchuase. So you can try then after service satisfying just buy the subscription plan.

Subscription plans upgrade and downgrade ongoig based on official markets (Apple, Google) payments flow.

Both  plans are offer the features listed below 👇🏻


  • Auto Alerts - Get instant alerts on fall for hashrate, workers and payouts.

  • Manual Alerts -  Manually configured alerts for hashrate and workers change

  • Widgets - possibility to add widgets and keep eye on account/s and coin/s price changes without accessing app.

  • Analytics - show pool/coin based analysis within MinerBox users

  • Converter - possibility to add more than 2 coin and fiat pairs for conversion calculations.

  • Prioritized Support - Get detailed answers to any questions you have regarding your account, functionality, and much more.

  • Access to all subscribed features - We're working hard and releasing new features making your monitoring and research easier continiously, you'll get access to them first.


You can also get Standard or Premium for a LIFETIME using crypto.


Lifetime Standard plan = 74.97 USDT/equal crypto

Lifetime Premium plan = 134.97 USDT/equal crypto


Additional paying options for using the crypto


Standard subscription:

  6 month subscription 13 USDT/equal crypto

12 month subscription 24.99 USDT/equal crypto


Premium subscription:

  6 month subscription 23 USDT/equal crypto

12 month subscription 44.99 USDT/equal crypto


Increasing simultaneous accounts monitoring

the listed packages used as a addition with Premium subscription + Promo 15/Promo 20 subscription  plan

Promo 15 - enabling simultaneous accounts monitoring up to 15 accounts

Promo 20 -  enabling simultaneous accounts monitoring up to 20 accounts


Promo 15 pricing:

  6 month subscription 40 USDT/equal crypto

12 month subscription 60 USDT/equal crypto


Promo 20 pricing:

  6 month subscription 50 USDT/equal crypto

12 month subscription 80 USDT/equal crypto



For paying with crypto please transfer the appropriate amount with the current market conversion rate to


0x30c3afeed081fb37d6bee12c38be4e111ed61737    USDT (only supports ERC-20).

0x30c3afeed081fb37d6bee12c38be4e111ed61737    Ethereum address.

LKrELyei1zAwjND1YywMTxpchhmFCFGi9i    LTC address.

89SjME3kiVLJ6pkmAMPVZ99Dd5dySX6B4Wd2foyeLQr1CTUNsH1kEy12p1osKfo7yUeYdfYUurzV5RHTynx9Q6vb9XD3Dht    XMR address.

After making the transfer, send us the transaction tx ID in order to activate your access!